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Electronics & Communication Department Curriculum

First Semester Examination
Code no. Course
EC 101 Humanities
EC 102 Mathematics-I
EC 103 Physics-I
EC 104 Chemistry
EC 105 Manufacturing Processes
Second Semester Examination
EC 111 Principles of Electrical Engg.
EC 112 Applied Mechanics
EC 113 Mathematics-II
EC 114 Physics II
EC 115 Electrical Engg. Materials
Third Semester Examination
EC 201 Electronics I
EC 202 Circuits & Systems
EC 203 Electrical Machines I
EC 204 Electrical Measurements
EC 205 Mathematics III
Fourth Semester Examination
EC 211 Electronics II
EC 212 Electromagentics
EC 213 Network Analysis & Synthesis
EC 214 Digital Circuits & Systems I
EC 215 Electrical Machines II

There are 4 more semesters, but i'm sorry you'll have to wait a while till I complete this page.

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Last Updated: 7/10/97